Koniamman Temple - FESTIVALS:

Number of Festivals are celebrated in this temple. The annual festival of this temple starts in the Tamil month Masi. The festival starts with Aknichatta and ends with Vasantha utsavam. For Fourteen days the festival is being celebrated. The important festival days are car festival. The annual car festival is celebrated with all pomp and Pagentry. The whole city’s atmosphere is changed and people from and near gather to have the ‘dharsan’ of deity in the Sanctum Sanctorium in the beautifully decorated car through the important streets during the festival. Now days Navarathri Festival is attracting much devotees.


1. Pouchattu
2. Akinichattu
3. Thiruvillakku Pooja
4. Car festival
5. Theppam Utchavam
6. Vasantha Vizha